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Cebu Island is not only the second island city of the Philippines but also known as the "Southern Queen" and is an ideal tourist destination that attracts a lot of Filipino tourists because of its beautiful natural tropical environment and remains from colonial and pre-colonial periods. There are many reasons for this island to become the top tourist attraction of the Philippines and you will definitely feel lucky to set foot on this beautiful island.

Cebu has the most beautiful beaches in the world, so immerse yourself in the beautiful beaches is something you cannot miss when visiting Cebu. The beaches of Cebu are not only beautiful but it also offers lots of interesting sea activities.

- Malapascua Island is a tiny island but always attracts scuba diving enthusiasts. The great of scuba diving in Malapascua is the opportunity to encounter long-tailed sharks. It is surely unforgettable experience if you are adventurous, interested in strange things. Besides, this island also owns dreamy clear beaches, relaxed and fun atmosphere.

- Located in the southwest of the island is the Moalboal village, which also attracts visitors by its diving experience with good facilities and ideal accommodation. If you feel tired after diving, you can leisurely admire the beautiful Kawasan waterfall or relex on the White coast.

Cebu is not only beautiful and famous for pristine beaches and it also owns many natural waterfalls with all shapes and sizes. Kawasan Falls is probably the most popular waterfall not only in Cebu, but the entire Philippines. Another famous waterfall is the Tumalog Falls, which has become part of a tour that combines interactive whale shark activities in Oslob. If you've been to Cebu, especially southern Cebu, you've probably experienced one or both of these waterfalls. There are 90 waterfalls in Cebu ranging in size from tall, wide, narrow to horsetails. So it will not be difficult for you to encounter and explore waterfalls here.

Another interesting destination in Cebu that you should not ignore is the town of Oslob. This small and beautiful town is located in the southern of Cebu Island. The most interesting experience in Oslob is swimming with whale sharks. Rest assured there won't be any danger when you take this tour, as local guides are well aware of how sharks and whales behave to guide their guests.

If you are a nature lover and discovery enthusiasts, do not miss the opportunity to conquer Osmena Mount in Cebu. Here you will experience many interesting activities such as hiking, walking or camping, ...

As the economic center of the country, there are so many local delicacies that you can't look for anywhere else. Taboan Public Market sellslots of dried and fresh seafood including squid, anchovies, danggit and bulad. Other delicacies including local nuts, Cebu's famous dried mangoes, otap, hazelnuts and masareal are also always available for you to try. If you are looking to spend some money, do so at Taboan Public Market.

Cebu is a city influenced by tropical climate, weather and climate in Cebu is always stable so you can travel to Cebu at any time of the year. However, if you want to join the Sinulog festival, you should visit Cebu in January. Historically, raised a celebration of Cebu’s accept of Catholicism and reverence for the infant Jesus aka the Santo Niño. Every year, both tourists and locals look forward to the colorful costumes, dancing, and wild street parties that have come to define each iteration of the annual festival.

Mactan Airport in Cebu City is about 13km from the city center, but there are very few international flights to Cebu. Tourists often have to transit in Manila then take a flight to Mactan Island and take a car to Cebu Island.

Mactan Island and Cebu Island are connected by a bridge, and it will take you about 30 minutes to 1 hour to travel from Mactan to Cebu by car. In addition, you can also take a boat but it will take more time.

You can travel to the most popular tourist destinations in Cebu by Tricycle, Jeepney or taxi. Jeepney operates as a bus, there are also stops, but you can also pick up the middle of the road like a tricycle or a taxi.

There are so many things that you can experience in Cebu and you will definitely feel lucky to travel on this island.