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Favourite destinations


Singapore, the famous tourist island nation in Southeast Asia is always a great destination for everyone. With a series of modern architecture, busy streets along with that the natural history and art museums such as National Museum, ArtScience Museum, ... and wonderful botanical gardens, parks, and zoos like Singapore Zoo, Gardens by the bay, this will be the destination that you cannot miss.

Here are the main reasons why you should include Singapore on your itinerary:

Cultural diversity:

Singapore is ranked as one of the most culturally and religiously diverse countries, which makes it quite different from its neighbors. The island has four official languages: English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin and it also celebrates national holidays of many different religions. Visitors can experience cuisines from different countries as well as visit many different places of worship.

Singapore - One of the cleanest and safest countries in the world:

Singapore is known for being clean and safe because of the great consciousness of its people. Trash bins are placed in every corner for visitors to put garbage in. Signs that require cleanliness or hygiene are always written in English so that everyone can understand.

Life here is so peaceful that many supermarkets and stalls don't install security controls. Shoppers can freely choose to buy goods displayed at both inside and outside the supermarket, bring it in and to the checkout counter. So if you accidentally forget the payment, when you bring the goods out of the supermarket, there will be no alarm device at all. However, the people's self-consciousness is very high. Usually never finds anyone forgetting to pay.

Great scenery and sightseeing place:

- Ecotourism: For those who love ecotourism, a system of green parks and zoos will be the ideal destination. Botanic Gardens is home to the largest orchid garden in the world. Jujong Bird Park is home to more than 10,000 birds of more than 600 different species. The Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, home to more than 3,000 species of butterflies and insects, create the world's richest collection of butterflies and insects ...

In addition, Gardens By The Bay, or Botanic gardens or MacRitchie Reservoir Park are places that are loved by many foreign tourists. If Gardens By the Bay is a man-made work uniquely designed with 18 super trees, the system converts solar energy into electricity for gardens, giant botanical gardens, or colorful orchid gardens, while MacRitchie Reservoir attracts visitors by other interesting spots.

- Beach tourism: Come to Changi Beach which is sunny and windy, Tanjong Beach with golden sand and turquoise sea, Palawan Beach has a small bridge over a small island, unspoiled landscape that will help you get lost in another fantasy world. East Coast Park beach where sports events such as maraton, or adventure sports take place ...

- Architectural tourism: Singaporeans are famous for their ultimate creativity, so the works they build always have a marvelous appeal to visitors. The stunning The Merlion, which adorns the beauty of the Gulf of Maria, has gradually become a symbol of the island nation. The giant artificial light trees in Garden by the Bay or  Handerson Wave - The most unique pedestrian bridge in the world, or Changin - The world's best airport Changi...

- Shopping heaven:

Singapore is one of the shopping malls attracting many tourists to visit and is an important tourist destination of the area. Here, if you like to shop for brand-name goods and see a modern Singapore, you should go to Orchard Road downtown, visit hypermarkets such as Takashimaia, NgeeAn City, Paragon, Ion, Wisma Astria ... For hightech enthusiasts should look to Funan Center at 109, North Bridge Road or SimLim Square at 1 Rochor Canal Road.

- Various cuisine:

Gourmets are spoiled for choice from the wide variety of cuisines and treats in Singapore, as this country is where visitors can nurture a love for food.

Singapore's food is delicious with the freshest seafood. The dishes here serve all classes from popular to high-end. Visitors can enter luxury restaurants, enjoy delicious and attractive dishes or simply go to traditional food courts and enjoy the dishes in the most popular.

- Experience the nightlife:

Would you like to stay late in Singapore cities until late at night? The "night owls" will find many choices to eat or party in clubs. Dance all night at Clarke Quay, Marina Bay and more if you're in the mood for partying. Those looking for something more laid-back can visit to the comfortable back-beach bars and enjoy cocktails with panoramic views. For cozy gatherings, the restaurant bar at Club Street and Dempsey Hill are also recommended places.

The above reasons are enough for tourists to decide for a journey to discover the beautiful Singapore Lion Island in the coming time, let start your journey right now!